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Taking Khadi and Crafts to the World - the Gandhian Way

Satyagraha -      
___________An Exhibition

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satyagraha - a groupshow by South African and Indian Artists

Commemorative Volume

The Contents of the Commemorative Volume

Section I

The Centenary of Satyagraha:11th September, 2006
Tushar Gandhi

Afrikhadi - Taking  Khadi and crafts to the World: The Gandhian Way
V K Cherian

Where is Rajghat?
Jayaram Poduval


Section II

Resistance against passes - The first Satyagraha experiment
Prof Fatima Meer

The Centenary of Satyagraha: 1906-2006
Ela Gandhi

Postmodern Gandhi
Susane and Llyod Rudolph


Section III

From Portrait to Avtar: Gandhi in Popylar Imagery
Christopher Pinney

Conversations with K G Subramaniam

Interview with Andrew Verster

Who has seen Gandhi?
Rahul Bhattacharya


Section IV

Enriched Art Penetrates Minds
Inaugural speech of President of India

The Satyagraha Show

Profile of Artists- India
Profile of Artists- South Africa
Profile of Kizo Art Gallery, Durban, South Africa
Profile of Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi, India

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