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Taking Khadi and Crafts to the World - the Gandhian Way

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satyagraha - a groupshow by South African and Indian Artists

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The show

The Show will have two sections [1] Pathways [2] Footprints

Pathways would include selection of Photographs of the Satyagraha and the Satyagrahis, Calendars and Cartoons of Gandhi along with interpretation and critique of Satyagraha through the words of Gandhi and others. This section of the show would give an insight to the viewer about the concept of Satyagraha and the history of the Satyagraha movement.

Footprints, which will be a collection of visual representations by the contemporary artists of India and South Africa, would query into the concept of Satyagraha not as philosophical, miraculous and spiritual act as it had been mapped hitherto, but as a relevant, positive action against the encroachments into individual freedom and personal dignity. 

The organizers of the show, Afrikhadi work in the Khadi and craft sector in India and South Africa based on the Gandhian ideology to impact positively on the lives of the most disadvantaged sectors of rural populace in creating sustainable income generating opportunities, and to sustain a viable livelihood for financially fragile communities by affording access to a large market base.

For further information on afrikhadi and the show please log onto our website,

For queries:
V K Cherian
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