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A   F   R   I   K   H   A   D   I
Taking Khadi and Crafts to the World - the Gandhian Way
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vision and objectives
To showcase to the world, the wealth of talent and creative reservoirs of the indigenous communities of South Africa and India.

To create a high quality fashion and lifestyle product range to meet the most discerning tastes both nationally and internationally.

To promote a greater appreciation and value for handcrafted, traditionally inspired products where cheap imitations have tarnished the reputation and marketability of indigenously produced goods.
To grow the market development of eco-friendly, organic and non-violent production methods.
To impact positively on the lives of the most disadvantaged sectors of rural population in creating sustainable income generating opportunities.
To encourage young designers to adopt indigenous cultural heritage as the base to inspire creation.
To sustain a viable livelihood for financially fragile communities by affording access to a large market base.
To empower crafters to become significant producers of high quality creative goods through positive interventions.
To use design intervention and skills up gradation to afford crafters greater earning capacity.
To support entrepreneurial development of craft producer groups by affording mentoring production cycles.
To become a nodal support facility towards realising the South African and Indian development and transformation goals for the craft sector.
To re-instate a sense of pride and history to disadvantaged craft communities and the international consumers of the AfriKhadi product range.