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New Project proposal: Hand in Hand
- By Afrikhadi for Kadco-Kerala State Artisans development corproation.

‘Hand in Hand’ is a collaboration between producers and designers, governmental and non-governmental organizations from South African and Kerala, India. Rooted in the Gandhian legacy shared by both these countries, the project focuses on inclusive socio-economic development, conserving of indigenous knowledge and skills, and building value for the artisanal.

Hand in Hand is aimed at creating sustainable income generation through existing cultural industries, thereby improving the lives of the bearers of traditional craft skills as well as ensuring their continuity.

Through a series of ‘training of trainers’ modules, especially customized to span the entire value-generation chain, from design development to entrepreneurship, Hand in Hand shall:

  • Contribute to the transmission and preservation of traditional skills
  • Enhance the participant’s current skills and design vocabulary
  • Strengthen their capacity for innovation
  • Empowering the practitioners to manage their own businesses/ organisations
  • Enable partnerships between the participants, sponsors
  • Create a platform for showcasing contemporary craft products
  • Provide marketing and trade facilitation

The first of the proposed modules is conceived as a 15 day workshop at the MNF Foundation, Kochi, currently slated for July/August 2012.

The workshop aims to facilitate knowledge and skill sharing between craftspeople and designers working in parallel traditions, promote cross cultural interaction and partnerships, live design development in collaboration, and an exhibition of prototypes developed.

The crafts skills to be included are as follows:

  1. Natural fibres: Bamboo (Trissur, Irinjalakuda, Attapadi), straw (Kollam), screwpine, banana fibre, coir and palm fibre (Chertala)
  2. Wire and metal( South Africa)
  3. Clay and Terracotta (Nilamboor, Thrippunithura)
  4. Bead work (Trissur nettipattam, with S African crafters)
  5. Wood carving (Trivandrum)

Will be curated by Delhi based Craft and art consultant, Anuradha Nambiar, and participated by NID trained designers and Kerala and S African craft people.

Those interested from India and S Africa may contact