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Satyagraha -      
____________An Exhibition

# Commemorative Volume

# President's Address

# Delhi Exhibition Launch









satyagraha - a groupshow by South African and Indian Artists

Deputy Mayor of Durban Mr. Logie Naidoo - Exhibition Launch at Kizo Gallery, Durban

Durban Launch at Kizo Gallery

V K Cherian and Jayaram Poduval with Nella Dewaal - Durban Coordinator of the Exhibition

Durban Launch at Kizo Gallery - Deputy Mayor of Durban with South African Artists

Durban Launch at Kizo Gallery - South African Artists

Tribute to Gandhiji at Petermaritzburg Railway Station -
the Team V K Cherian, Jayaram Poduval, Nella Dewaal with Art Collector Kishoo Chauhan


Durban Exhibition Launch